By registering an account on VikingSRo, you accept that you have read and will follow all the rules listed below. If you break any of the rules stated below, a punishment will apply which might include:
- Temporary account block
- Permanent account block
- Permanent IP & PC block
- Permanent block for all the accounts associated with your IP and PC
- Permanent block for your character name
1. Dont insult staff members. 
-First time: 1 week account ban
-Second time: Permanent account ban
-Third time: Permanent IP ban
2. Insulting/racism in global chat is not allowed. Just making fun with friends by nicknames and stuff is allowed, but dont push it too far.. 
-First time: 1 day account ban
-Second time: 3 days account ban
-Third time: 1 week account ban
-4th time: 2 week account ban
-5th time: 1 month account ban
-6th time: Permanent account ban
3. Bug abuse. 
-First time: 1 week account ban
-Second time: 2 weeks account ban
-Third time: 1 month account ban
-4th time: Permanent account ban
4. Scamming. 
-Permanent IP ban
5. Pretending to be a staff member. (Staff members will never ask for your account information). 
-Permanent IP ban
6. Max. 1 character per player is allowed on Fortress War.  
- Players who brings more then 1 character into Fortress War will get an account ban for 2 weeks on all the accounts he used in the Fortress War.
7. Bots are enabled and allowed.  
8. Botting on unique spawn spots is not allowed.  
- First Time: warning.
- Second Time: 3 days account ban.
- Third Time: 1 week account ban.
- 4th Time: Permanent account ban.
9. Goldbotting is not allowed.  
- First Time: Permanent account ban on all goldbot accounts.
- Second Time: Permanent IP ban.
10. Advertising/promoting other servers in any kind of way is NOT allowed.  
-Permanent IP ban .
11. Selling items/gold/accounts for real money will NOT BE TOLERATED.  
-Permanent account ban for BOTH SELLER AND BUYER .
12. Pk system rouls .  
New pk system have been implemented to our gameserver (so as all of you knows the pk was disabled) 1-pk is enabled again 2-killing 3 of your opponents in pk mode will lead your account to get it is first warning. 2-keep killing your opponents in total of 5 kills will lead your whole account not your only character to lose half of your silk and gold aswell 3-keep killing your opponents in total of 10 kills will lead your character to go to the jail which if you go through you will lose all of your character items and gold and silk your whole character stuff will be truncated ps:if you get smart and tried to pk with another character involved in your account that will lead to count more kills and get punished as well as your last chars. enjoy your stays.
Server Stats
  • Gateway Status: Online
  • Players Online 154 / 2000

  • GM Online:

  • Supporters Online:

  • Cap 140
  • Race EU & CH
  • Solo Exp Rate 100x
  • CH Mastery 420
  • PT Exp Rate 100x
  • SP Rate 100x
  • Drop Rate 3x
  • Gold Drop Rate 10x
  • PC Limit 5
  • IP Limit 4
  • Servertime:
  • CTF:
  • Battle Arena:
  • Fortresswar:
  • Register: 24/7 Except during Fortresswar
Fortress War
Lastest 10 Unique Kills
  • Waaa2 has Killed Strong Uruchi 0:30:47 ago
  • DistuRbed has Killed Snow Flake 0:32:7 ago
  • Mr_Magdy has Killed Strong Captain Ivy 0:32:42 ago
  • Waaa2 has Killed Anubis 0:32:56 ago
  • Mr_Magdy has Killed Captain Ivy 0:33:55 ago
  • Mr_Magdy has Killed Khulood 0:34:19 ago
  • LOPPUS has Killed Strong Tiger Girl 0:35:38 ago
  • Pako has Killed Captain Ivy (STR) 0:36:17 ago
  • DistuRbed has Killed Giant Overlord 0:36:31 ago
  • Waaa2 has Killed Isis 0:36:33 ago